The specialist in LMS platform customisation, specialised in the Moodle™ software platform

We specialize in creating customizations for the Moodle™ software platform, one of the largest open-source Learning Management Systems available. Moodle is currently utilized worldwide for digital learning. We serve a wide range of clients, from large corporations and organizations to smaller businesses.

More than 17 years of experience in software development.

More than 300 Moodle™ plugins developed.

Luuk Verhoeven

What does our company do?

  • Program according to the current coding standards, set by the Moodle™ software platform
  • Develop new plug-ins, mostly for the Moodle™ software platform
  • Edit or improve existing Moodle™ plug-ins
  • Analyse and give advice about the security of your Moodle™ environment
  • Further personalise your Moodle™ software platform and provide a better integration in your organisation
  • Guide you through upgrades of your Moodle™ software platform environment
  • SSO and other software integrations
  • Research and consultancy
  • We support the Moodle™ open-source community
We do not create course material or content

The latest techniques

We stay informed about the latest techniques. Through this effort, we can provide you with the best advice and developed software.


We can streamline your processes, enabling you to get more out of your learning environment.


Not only do we take care of the programming, we also create a professional and user-friendly interface. This way, the use will be easy and clear.

Excellent service

We represent the interests of our customers and our products. You rest assured that we will offer you the best service!

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