Frequently asked questions

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to get insights into the services we offer.

You can best take a look at the page What is Moodle?

In the past we have developed quite a diverse range of web applications. However, our focus has shifted to Moodle development.

We collaborate with a diverse range of partners and are able to provide good advice for hosting. We don’t offer hosting ourselves.

The ownership of the customised product belongs to the client. Sometimes we will ask to share the plug-in with the community, so everybody can benefit from it and further development and maintenance will continue, even without double investment.

When creating a customised product, we will either create a copy of your environment or build one of our own in which we will develop. Afterwards, we’ll ask you to test the customised product on your testing environment. We can also provide you with our testing environment if necessary.
After approval, you can install the customised product on your Moodle environment. We can guide you through this process.

We always deliver a plug-in with support of a certain Moodle version.
Bugs and issues will be solved within the original price indication. This way, you won’t encounter any surprises.

For additional customisations or upgrades to a higher Moodle version, a new quotation will be made on request.

Before the start of an assignment, a job description and quotation will be made.

On the quotation, we provide you with a timeframe in which we will deliver.
We work with a final date on which you can expect delivery. It is possible that we deliver before this final date, but we can’t guarantee this.

For bigger customers we can set up a SLA together.

Mfreak was a daughter-company of Ldesign Media, where Mfreak was focussing on Moodle and Ldesign Media was quite diverse in its operation. With the rising demand of Moodle customisation, we have decided to merge and go forward under one name, namely Ldesign Media.