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Technical developer e-learning #edutech

The Moodle framework is constantly improving. Right now, Moodle is up to version 3.11 and Ldesign Media has seen many previous versions. After three years of developing software we shifted our focus to Moodle in 2010, when Moodle was at version 1.8. 12 years later we are developing a large variety of applications and plug-ins for our customers. We have a lot of experience, offer excellent service, and are able to give a good estimate of costs. So are you looking for an experienced e-learning expert? You’ve came to the right place.

We code according to Moodle coding standards

Because of our our experience with e-learning software, we know exactly what is possible, and what is not. This means that we can assist in creating a suitable solution for your needs. We code our plug-ins according to the latest coding standards set by Moodle. We try to stay as close as possible to core Moodle to minimise the chance a plug-in won’t function in a later version of Moodle.

The cost of a developer

Because we are working with a small group of people who know all in and outs of the Moodle platform, we we can offer you an interesting rate. Together we define the ‘must-haves’ and the ‘nice-to-haves’ of the customisation. Taking these wishes into account, we can offer you the best cost estimate.


The Moodle platform is open-source. You can download Moodle for free and host it on your own server. However, most organisations, schools and businesses have specific demands for their learning environment. They require custom-made lay-outs, plug-ins, or integrations with other software. This is not possible without the intervention of a developer. In other words: with our customisation you can get a lot more out of your learning environment. The possibilities are almost endless, but the most important thing of all is that you, and your users, are able to use the learning environment with ease. And we take care of that. Interested in examples made by Ldesign Media? Or do you want to know how far the possibilities go? Get in touchand we’ll gladly sit down with you for a no-obligation conversation.