Moodle plug-in — user avatar

Moodle plug-in — user avatar

The avatar plug-in allows the user to create a profile picture with a webcam.

This plug-in is exclusively developed by Ldesign Media. It is a brand new functionality for the user within his own environment in Moodle software. The plug-in is also free and available to download in open source.

Moodle profile photo plugin

In short, the avatar plug-in allows the user to take a snapshot with a live webcam. The user can upload this image and change his profile picture at any time. In addition, there is also the option to adjust texts within this plug-in.

A video is available on how the user can install the block on their site (which is built with Moodle)


  • The plug-in is developed with the coding standards of Moodle
  • The GDPR provider is implemented in this plug-in



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